Manage monitoring settings to determine whether or not Sedai observes your performance and usage.

Sedai analyzes monitoring data for your cloud resources to observe usage and performance. Monitoring enables Sedai features, including Release Intelligence, SLOs, Optimization, and Availability. When monitoring is turned off, each of these features is automatically disabled.

Monitoring settings function the same across all resource types:


On Enables monitoring data

Allows Sedai to pull monitoring data; enables all Sedai features, including Optimization, Availability, Release Intelligence, & SLOs

Off Disables monitoring data

Prevents Sedai from pulling monitoring data & disables all Sedai features

When a cloud account is integrated with Sedai, monitoring is automatically enabled for all its resources. This ensures Sedai will seamlessly retrieve and observe monitoring data from your integrated monitoring providers, allowing you to use Sedai features.

Disabling Monitoring

When you turn monitoring off, Optimization and Availability will also be disabled in Settings. This means Sedai will not execute any optimizations and remediations, and no optimization opportunities will be generated. Your previous settings for these features (such as Auto-pilot or Data-pilot) will be preserved, meaning if you re-enable monitoring, features will automatically revert to their previous setting.

Release Intelligence and SLOs will also be disabled when monitoring is turned off. To use these features, re-enable monitoring.

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