Create IAM User

If you plan to connect multiple EKS clusters from the same environment to Sedai, you will only need to create one IAM User. The same Access and Secret Keys can be used to connect each to Sedai.

Go to your AWS Console and navigate to IAM under the Security, Identity & Compliance group to create a new user with programmatic access.

If your organization follows a scheduled key rotation, you will need to reconnect to Sedai each time. We recommend connecting your AWS cloud with an IAM Role instead to ensure uninterrupted access.

  1. Navigate to Identity and Access Management (IAM) within your AWS Console.

  2. Select Role > Create User

  3. Select Add Users and enter an easy to identify User name.

  4. Under AWS credential type, select Access key - Programmatic access. Select Next: Permissions.

  5. Under Set Permissions, select Attach existing policies directly and select the policy you created in Step 2.

  6. You can optionally add Tags in the next step. Otherwise proceed to Review and Create User to finish setup.

  7. You can optionally view or download the created User's security credentials. You will need the Access and Secret Key to connect your resources to Sedai.

If you are adding EKS clusters, you will additionally need to copy the IAM User's ARN, which will be used to update the aws-auth configMap.

Learn more about IAM Users:

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