Azure VMs

Learn how Sedai optimizes Azure Virtual Machines (VMs) to decrease cost.

Sedai intelligently recommends optimizations for your VMs. These recommendations are made for individual virtual machines VMs, as well as VMs grouped by load balancers or tags.

Cost Optimization for Individual VMs

Sedai helps reduce your costs for individual VMs by generating recommendations to switch instance types. Proposed changes will reduce your average monthly spend and on-demand costs, as well as optimize CPU and memory usage.

While autonomous mode is not supported for Individual VM recommendations, you can review VM optimization opportunities in the Optimization > Opportunities page and submit recommendations for execution.

Cost Optimization for Grouped VMs

Sedai detects VMs grouped by either load balancers or cloud provider tags and generates recommendations to decrease costs. This is achieved by switching Instance Types; Sedai may suggest changing instance types within a VM group based on workload and utilization patterns.

Autonomous execution is not currently supported for VM groups but will be available soon. Until then, you can make changes in the Azure console.

To view optimization opportunities for Azure VMs, go to Optimization > Opportunities and select the Virtual Machines tab.

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