Learn how Sedai autonomously optimizes AWS ECS clusters and services for performance and cost gains.

Sedai intelligently optimizes your ECS clusters at both service and container levels. The following optimization features are available for both Fargate and EC2-based clusters.

Cost Optimization and Resource Efficiency

Sedai autonomously optimizes ECS clusters and services to improve both cost and resource efficiency. This is achieved by:

  1. Rightsizing ECS services: Sedai determines the optimal CPU and memory for a particular service and then allocates these resources accordingly to prevent excessive costs.

  2. Optimizing ECS cluster configurations: Sedai optimizes cluster CPU & memory configurations for both Fargate and EC2-based clusters to improve performance, scalability, and overall efficiency.

  3. Configuring Cluster Auto Scaling: Sedai uses ECS Cluster Auto Scaling to dynamically adjust the number of ECS container instances within a cluster, optimizing resource allocation and ensuring efficient performance based on workload demands.

Performance Optimization and Auto Scaling

In addition to optimizing cost, Sedai autonomously improves application performance. Sedai’s intelligent and continuous horizontal and vertical scaling increases performance efficiency, allows for greater scalability, and ultimately improves overall reliability.

Sedai auto-selects and updates the best scaling policies for ECS Service Auto Scaling to ensure your ECS clusters run at peak efficiency. Sedai also utilizes ECS Cluster Auto Scaling and recommends adjustments to the number of instances within a cluster, which you can see in Timeline page by applying a Configure ECS Cluster Autoscaler action filter.

To view optimization opportunities for AWS ECS, go to Optimization > Opportunities and select the Containers tab.

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