Learn how Sedai optimizes your GCP Dataflow resources to minimize costs.

Sedai recommends optimizations for Dataflow resources to improve both cost and resource efficiency. Recommendations for Dataflow could include adjustments to any of the following:

  • CPU Allocation: Sedai adjusts CPU allocation to ensure your data processing tasks run smoothly without unnecessary over-provisioning.

  • Memory Allocation: Sedai adjusts memory allocation to match the specific requirements of your data processing workloads, minimizing both underutilization and overallocation

  • Initial Worker Count: Sedai analyzes your workloads and sets the initial worker count to ensure your data processing tasks start efficiently and avoid resource wastage

  • Max Worker Count: Sedai defines an appropriate maximum worker count to scale your resources as needed, ensuring that you never pay for more resources than required, especially during peak workloads

  • Machine Type: Sedai determines the appropriate machine type based on recommended CPU and Memory configuration changes.

To view optimization opportunities for Dataflow, go to Optimization > Opportunities and select the Streaming tab.

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