Create IAM Policy

Learn more about the access Sedai requires in order to autonomously manage your cloud resources.

Sedai IAM Policy

Automatically create Sedai's IAM policy using CloudFormation. Learn more >
From the AWS Console, navigate to Policies under Identity and Access Management. Select Create Policy. Copy your preferred Sedai policy below and paste it into the JSON policy editor:
Autonomous Policy
Use this policy if you want to enable autonomous management within your AWS account.
Note: You can control Sedai’s read-write access on a resource-by-resource basis from the Settings page.
This policy includes the following:
  • Allows Sedai to autonomously manage resources by making changes on your behalf
  • Enables Sedai's ML models
  • Includes read-write access to Lambda, ECS, and EC2 resources
  • Includes read-only access X-Ray, Kinesis, CloudWatch, Elastic Load Balancer
Read-only Policy
Use this policy if you want to explore Sedai’s capabilities and prohibit autonomous management.
Note: This policy does not support Sedai's ML models. If you are not ready to fully explore an autonomous system, you can start with read-only access and update the policy permissions later. Contact our team at [email protected] for help.
  • Allows Sedai to observe resource behavior
  • Includes read-only access to Lambda, ECS, EC2, X-Ray, Kinesis, CloudWatch, Elastic Load Balancer