Connect Cloud

Get started with autonomous cloud management by granting Sedai access to your cloud resources.
Sedai currently integrates Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Provider (GCP) environments, as well as managed and self-managed Kubernetes clusters. The platform requires read-write access in order to autonomously manage your cloud resources for availability, performance, and cost.
To connect your cloud to Sedai, you must:
  • Grant Sedai secure access to your resources via your cloud provider. Sedai will automatically discover your topology once it's connected.
  • Connect your cloud's corresponding monitoring data. Sedai references monitoring data in order to learn resource behavior and identify opportunities to autonomously act or generate recommendations.
During initial setup, you need to connect at least one production environment with its corresponding monitoring data. Once your account is set up, more clouds can be added at any time from the Settings > Integrations page.
For more information, contact [email protected] to discuss your organization's needs.

Supported Clouds