Connect your preferred notification platforms to receive alerts on Sedai's activity.
Sedai helps manage your microservices by looking for opportunities to prevent issues or optimize resources. While Sedai can autonomously execute actions to ensure your cloud environments run smoothly, some actions might require manual review or feedback.
Sedai integrates with the following Notification platforms to support your internal response workflows and make sure your team is alerted as soon as possible.
You can subscribe to specific Sedai activity notifications and configure where you receive them from the Settings -> Notifications page within the platform.

Supported Notification Platforms

In addition to these platforms, Sedai also supports Custom Webhooks and Email.


We recommend coordinating with your IT team to obtain an email account for Sedai to use as a sender address.
Notifications can be sent to a preconfigured target email address or a group email ID.


Sedai integrates to Slack and Microsoft Teams via Webhooks. You can integrate multiple Slack channels and configure specific Sedai notifications to certain channels from the Settings > Notifications page.