Connect Monitoring Data

Sedai will automatically discover your cloud topology, but additionally needs access to your APM/observability providers in order to learn resource behavior.
In addition to connecting to your cloud, Sedai also requires connecting to at least one monitoring data source so that it can analyze resource performance and learn seasonality behavior in order to proactively manage resources and prevent issues.
For AWS accounts, Sedai will automatically connect to CloudWatch, but you can also add additional monitoring data sources.
For Azure or GCP accounts as well as any Kubernetes-based cluster, you must add at least one monitoring source.

Supported Monitoring Providers

Select a provider to view the type of information required to connect to Sedai:


Sedai automatically identifies your golden metrics so that it can analyze and learn resource behavior in order to build its seasonality and ML models. Once you connect a cloud and add its monitoring data, the platform will automatically ingest and prioritize metric data.
Typically the platform is capable of intelligently mapping metrics, but depending on your monitoring provider it might require additional help. You can customize the following for each monitoring account:
  • Metric selection
  • Dimension mapping
Additionally, you can integrate custom metrics for advanced monitoring.