Learn how to connect either self-hosted or managed clusters to Sedai.
Sedai currently supports autonomous management for stateless workloads only.
The platform also discovers Deployments, StatefulSets, ReplicaSets, Jobs, CronJobs, and Services, but currently only generates recommendations for these resource types.
You can connect multiple clusters to Sedai. For managed clusters, we recommend deploying Sedai's Smart Agent to ensure secure, uninterrupted access:
Sedai supports the following Kubernetes providers:
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS)
  • Alibaba Container Service for Kubernetes
  • Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)
  • DigitalOcean
  • Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE)
  • IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service
  • OpenShift
  • Oracle
  • Platform9
  • Rancher
  • VMware Tanzu
Contact [email protected] to request additional Kubernetes support.
Alternatively, you can connect clusters agentlessly for the following providers:
If you run on-prem/self-managed clusters, you can also connect clusters deployed in Cloud Service Provider's environments into Sedai.